The difference between your event making an impact and being remembered, and going completely unnoticed, is in its organization and production, and in the ability to minimize unforeseen events.

Corporate Event


Original events with the search for the best suppliers that adapt to your strategy, including the conceptualization, the theming of the spaces, the necessary graphic materials (printed and/or digital).

Materials production

We advise on the design and seek suppliers for the manufacture of original pieces to theme the space and make each event a memorable action.

Locations / venues

To guarantee the success of an event, it is essential to hold it in the right place. We look for proposals of the most suitable spaces for each occasion according to its typology and capacity.


We manage any additional supplier: catering, audiovisuals, event staff, entertainers, performances…

Merchandising/ Promotional gifts

We look for the best proposals and suppliers of the best promotional gifts for each project. We have experience in both simple and traditional goodies as well as gadgets designed adhoc for the action.

We work with national manufacturers and direct importers.

Event organization. Audiovisuals

Delegate your productions and marketing services contracting with Central Station Hub.